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15 februari 2008 - Colts abroad

Het volgende artikel kwamen we tegen op de website http://coltscooktruck.blogspot.com/ Het is al een oud artikel dat geplaatst is na de allereerste Dutch in DCI banquet... Toch wilde we het nog graag even met iedereen delen.


Thursday, October 12, 2006: Got this from Olaf today by email. Had to share.


At the moment Harrison Rowland is staying with me after his marching with “Pips” corps (37th Kingswood) for 6 weeks in England. (His family originate from the Netherlands)


Coincidence doesn’t exists but after 16 years a 2nd banquet was organized for Drum corps members who marched in DCI corps. It was organized by the “Dutch in DCI” foundation ( http://www.dutchindci.com/ ). Founded last year to support people who want to march in DCI. One of their goals is to hand out scholarships to support members who are going to march in a DCI corps.


Looking at the list of people who have marched so far makes me realize that I officially getting old. As a Dutchie I was the 12th person to march in the U.S. way back in 1988, by now 123 people marched in a DCI corps. Fun part of the whole ordeal was to learn that so far 10 people marched Colts and 5 of them were present that night.


In the front from left to right:
Paul (‘88), Trinette (’86), Marco (’00) and Selcuk (’96) and in the back just fitting in the picture me Olaf “Alf” (’88 & still cooking ’04, ’05, …)

A Colt family reunited from through the years brings back many stories and great memories. Being still involved even if it was this year only virtual I could tell them together with Harisson the latest stories and developments with Colts.

The recognizing of people who are Colts legends and are still with the Colts whom we almost all knew became a nice “game”: Greg (who doesn’t know him), Beth Wilson (maybe even longer than Greg), Kent, Bob, Frank, Marry, Vicki …. etc.


During the evening we were privileged to watch the Quarter finals DCI 2006 Theatre show. Of course cheered by the curious “family” for the 2006 Colts show.


A great night with the intention of making this a yearly event to raise money for future Dutch in DCI members.

Dutch in “Colts”

Trinette Trotta-Norden 1986 Colts Mellophone
Frank Ranzijn 1988 Horn line instructor
Paul Doop 1988 Pit writer / instructor
Olaf Nahon 1988 Colts Baritone
Marcel Dekker 1988 Colts Soprano
Andy van Waveren 1988 & 1989 Colts Baritone
Bart Parlevliet 1989 Colts Baritone
Marcel Mos 1989 & 1990 Colts Baritone
Selcuk Erhan 1996 Colts Baritone
Edward van Gent 1996 Colts Snare
Marco van Asch 2000 Colts Baritone
Stijn Braun 2001 Colts Soprano




Hi to everyone,
Olaf “Alf” Nahon

Laatste nieuws



Wie was de eerste Nederlandse DCI wereldkampioen?

Oscar Brusse won met de Blue Devils in 1996 als eerste Nederlander de wereldtitel in de hoogste divisie. Er werden dat jaar overigens twee corps gekoond tot DCI kampioen want Blue Devils en Phantom Regiment haalde dat jaar exact dezelfde score in DCI Finals.