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7 augustus 2010 - Hoeveel kost het om mee te doen?


During the 2008 Project Persona study, a series of questions relating to the total cost of participation were asked, which would include not only the direct costs – tuition and fees – but also the supporting costs incurred during the year – travel to camps and rehearsals, food, other travel expenses, laundry money, etc. The average total cost of participation in a touring World Class drum corps was $3,150. The median value was $3,000; meaning that 50 percent of those responding said the total cost of participation was more than $3,000, and 50 percent indicated it was less than $3,000. One of the largest contributing factors to higher total cost of participation is the cost of travel to off-season rehearsal camps. Some student performers travel from Europe and Asia to participate. They reported participation costs in excess of $6,000.

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Wie was de eerste Nederlandse DCI wereldkampioen?

Oscar Brusse won met de Blue Devils in 1996 als eerste Nederlander de wereldtitel in de hoogste divisie. Er werden dat jaar overigens twee corps gekoond tot DCI kampioen want Blue Devils en Phantom Regiment haalde dat jaar exact dezelfde score in DCI Finals.