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21 september 2009 - On tour met Glassmen

After that it all went by so fast. I had a great summer with all my new friends, and the best thing of it is, that I will never forget them.

Our move-ins started in ‘good-old’ G-west, Glassmens rehearsal facility, wich is an old school. We’ve been there for 3,5 weeks. I was very excited when I came there. I came on monday, and the Friday before that move-ins started, so I missed a whole lot of the opener. I caught up realy fast, and after 3,5 weeks we finally got on tour!


On tour, time flies, and you learn to work with a great group. I can tell we had some great performances this season, and we just started growing and growing with our product, The Journey of One.


We started with some parades, and some smaller performances, like concerts. After that the real DCI contests started. The nicest part of tour is offcourse the last four weeks. The stadiums got bigger, and there were more corps’ to join! The shows in San Antonio and Atlanta were very special for me, because I knew this were very big show, and there were more people watching then you knew!


Finalsweek was just awesome, this is the week of the last little changes, and everyone looks forward to go home. We had 3 good performances on Finals, the shows were all better than the one before!


Unfortunately 9 months, no more Busloading, horn polishing, sing in the shower, no blood, sweat, and tears with Glassmen 2009……

Before I left for move-ins, I send a message to Dutch in DCI(.com) about that I was going to march a World Class drumcorps. For that I got an very nice scholarship! For everyone, especially in Holland who doesn’t think they’re capable of marching DCI, The Dutch in DCI Foundation will defenately try to help!

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Wie was de eerste Nederlandse DCI wereldkampioen?

Oscar Brusse won met de Blue Devils in 1996 als eerste Nederlander de wereldtitel in de hoogste divisie. Er werden dat jaar overigens twee corps gekoond tot DCI kampioen want Blue Devils en Phantom Regiment haalde dat jaar exact dezelfde score in DCI Finals.